Inventory Manager 200 - Bar coding solutions that integrate with Sage 200.

Datalinx Inventory Manager 200 utilises the latest in automatic identification technology to bring mobility to staff within the stores area of a business. This enables stores personnel to carry out daily tasks efficiently. The use of bar code based, wireless hand held terminals, keeps the rest of the business in touch with the order processing status and inventory position.


Standard functionality includes:-

  • Product Receipting
  • Stocktaking
  • Sales Order Picking
  • Label Production
  • Product Cross Reference Table


The benefits will vary by individual company, but in general Inventory Manager 200 can reduce 'avoidable consequential costs'. These are costs that a business incurs due to mistakes in information or process. In the case of a warehouse operation, the costs generated by inaccurate information can be considerable, rippling out to impact not only the core business, but also customers and suppliers.

Inventory Manager 200 delivers a comprehensive set of management tools for Sage 200 that will reduce the number and consequential cost of stock information errors in
your business.

Warehouse Manager 200 Video - Stock enquiry

Quickly transfer stock within your warehouse using Sage 200, barcodes and Datalinx Manager 200 Watch the video

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