Credit Guardian



Credit Guardian® is a brand new approach to managing risk in your business. An alternative to individual company searches that’s not expensive or time consuming. Offering access to information about your customers and UK companies that's up to date, accurate, in an easy to read format and at your fingertips, when you need it most.

Award-winning Credit Guardian, created by Draycir and powered by Experian, gives small and mid-sized businesses affordable, year round access to business intelligence. Credit Guardian helps you make better and more informed choices about managing risk in your business.

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Analyse your data

You don't need to spend hours making sense of complex data. Credit Guardian does the number crunching for you and displays the information in a way that is clear and easy to understand. 

Make informed decisions

Credit Guardian helps you determine how you should trade with prospects, customers and suppliers. Having all of the information to hand allows you to plan the best way for you to work with other businesses taking into account their individual circumstances.

Monitor your relationships

Easily see if relationships with your customers and suppliers are improving or deteriorating. Spot how the people you trade with deal with you, compared with how they deal with other businesses  

Merge accounting information

Credit Guardian will expose where your business is at risk. By taking information from Experian, the global credit experts, and combining it with the data from your accounting system you get a unique insight into the risks your business is taking.

Protect your identity

Research shows that your company is under increased threat of identity fraud. Fraudsters can steal your company identity, change your registered office address or add and remove directors without your knowledge, allowing them to buy goods and services in your name.