This month's technical tip focuses on the effective way of storing multiple instances of data against companies, people, opportunities, sales and leads.  eg there is a requirement to record details of equipment used against each CRM company - Manufacturer, Model, Description and Serial Number - to be visible under a tab called Site Equipment.

First add a key attribute category called Machines as a multiple instance category:


 Then add the fields that you want to appear on the screen under the new tab:

However before we do this we need to define a list of potential Manufacturers:



This list can be used by the Manufacturer field that we add when editing fields against the Machines category:


Then add the other fields as text fields to be displayed on the same line:

Before we can add the Machines category screen to a Company tab we need to associate it with a Category Group:




Now add a tab to display the data against a company:


Then you can add data to the tab:

Key attribute data can be used in reports and group creation.

Report of the month


The report for December is now available.  This report is sorted by overall turnover with values taken from the Sales Ledger Analysis Value fields within the customer record. 


December Report of the Month

Each month Sage will provide a "Report of the Month" so it is worth coming back to this page on a regular basis.