This month's technical tip focuses on this message that can arise as a result of a nominal account being set to use batch postings only. 



The screen below shows the nominal transactions resulting from a cash book payment to a number of maintenance expense accounts - including 2 postings of £230.00 and £260.00 to the account 73500 ADM ADM which is set to use batch postings.



If you click on the detail button against the batch total of £490.00 when doing a transaction enquiry on this account you get the set of nominal transactions is incomplete message (rather than seeing the credit side of the posting). 


The same message will result from the clicking the detail button on the cash book nominal account transaction enquiry, which will then show the detail of the postings excluding the batch total for 73500 ADM ADM.




 To identify accounts which may have been set to use batch postings by mistake use the list view of nominal accounts.



Given the shortcoming of not being able to see a full history of individual transactions we do not recommend using the batch post totals only option. 

Report of the month


The report for October is now available.  The report lists your stock items with product group and standard cost if relevant. 

October Report of the Month

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