Focus on the new CRM Connector 

In this month's "technical tip" we are focusing on the new features of the latest version of integrated CRM and Sage 200 which utilises a new connector that provides users many advantages which you may not be aware of yet.

These include:


Additional Sage 200 form launch options 

It is now possible to launch more Sage 200 screens from within CRM. These screens can be launched from the Finance tab or the Commercials tab in CRM e.g. 

With some notepad editing you can add other Sage 200 forms to CRM e.g. view stock item details :

The Sage 200 screen opens :


 Using Sage 200 fields in CRM

Previously the Sage 200 customer analysis codes were not available as standard to use when finding companies or creating marketing groups in CRM.

It is now possible to ‘map’ the analysis fields in Sage 200 to fields in CRM e.g. we want to use analysis codes 1 and 2 from the Sage 200 customer record in CRM : 



We ‘map’ these to fields in CRM which we can then use to find records and create marketing groups in CRM :   



New Finance Groups 

The latest version of CRM can also create finance groups by a list of account references : 


Or from products purchased : 



Report of the month 

The report for January is now available.  This report gives you a list of daily transactions grouped by transaction type.  To access this report simply follow the link. 


January Report of the Month


Each month Sage will provide a "Report of the Month" so it is worth coming back to this page on a regular basis.

If you found these reports useful please let me know and which ones as feedback is always welcome.