The Sage 200 CRM system includes workflow functionality which can be tailored to suit the business processes of your company.

The following extract from a ‘Case’ workflow can be used to illustrate some of the basic concepts in workflow design (a case could be a problem or customer complaint) :



Available states

Each case will move from one state to another – the state of each case is defined by the value of a field on the case record – in this example the field case_stage defines the ‘State’ of the case.  

Available rules 

A primary rule performs the same function as the ‘New’ button in CRM and will create a new record – in this example a new case. 

A transitional rule is used to connect one state to another e.g. the ‘Investigating’ transitional rule shown below will change the case_stage field to ‘Investigating’ and also display the assigned user field for amendment : 

A global type rule is always available but does not move the record from one state to another e.g. Re-Assign case.   

Each rule within a workflow is represented by a workflow button in the user interface:  


 Each rule can have a number of different actions associated with it : 



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