Fixed Assets processing in Sage 200 v2015 :

Continuing on from last month  we thought that as a Sage 200 user you maybe interested in seeing the option for maintaining a fixed asset register in the latest release.


Adding a new asset:

Nominal accounts entered are balance sheet accumulated depreciation and profit and loss depreciation charge account.

Please note the cost transaction in the nominal is processed outside of the fixed assets eg through the purchase ledger or by a nominal taxable payment.

Depreciation methods available:

To depreciate assets:

Depreciation nominal postings for projector unit and screen:

Valuation report:

To dispose of an asset:

Nominal postings resulting from disposal:

Above shows the net book value remaining on the disposal asset being charged to the profit and loss account.

Please note the disposal proceeds are processed outside of the fixed assets eg through the sales ledger or a nominal taxable receipt.

If you found this tip useful please let us know as feedback is always welcome.