Sage 200 Report Writer

One of the more commonly encountered report writing issues is when the Report totals appear not to be providing the total the user expects.

By following the steps below one can quickly and easily confirm if this is actually the case.

Check the evaluate section property of the report total field, select the field then go to View - Properties :


In this case the total field  relates to data in the details section of the report – so the evaluate section properties for the field should be set to Details :


The reset section in the case above is set to none because we do not want to reset the total by reference to a change in value of data in another report section.

The function property for this total field in the report footer section of the report needs to be set to Sum.

If you are not sure whether the report total is correct export the report to Excel and sum the relevant column to compare with the value you are getting from your report :

Preview the report :

Then export as an xls format file to Excel:


If you found this tip useful please let us know as feedback is always welcome.