When is EOL happening?

For Sage 50 Accounts v2012 customers, EoL will begin on 26 January 2015 and end on 26 January 2016.


What does EoL mean for customers?



After 26 January 2016, upgrade pricing will no longer be available for v2012 customers.  Full RRP (licence price) will be charged for the latest version.




After 26 January 2016 Sage will cease updates to the software, meaning the product will no longer be up to date with changes in government legislation or with new technology. As technology continues to change so rapidly, being on an unsupported version of any technology can become problematic. v2012 users may face compatibility issues with other software and data which could lead to corruption issues, which Sage will not be able to help with. This could also cause problems if liaising with an accountant.




After 26 January 2015, v2012 customers without SageCover support will not be able to buy new SageCover. After 26 January 2016, v2012 customers who already have a SageCover contract will not be able to renew their contract on that version.


Perpetual upgrade


v2012 customers can buy a perpetual upgrade at July 2014 prices.


This offer is only available to v2012 customers until the end of March, and can’t be used in conjunction with any other offer.


  • Standard: £315 (RRP £536)
  • Plus: £455 (RRP £819)
  • Pro: £600 (RRP £1140)

To upgrade call 0118 927 2700 and ask for the Uniq Sage 50 Sales Team