Using Spindle with MS Word and Excel

Typically Spindle is integrated with Sage 200 and MS-Outlook for automatic distribution of documents such as order acknowledgements, invoices and statements.  However Spindle can be used with other Microsoft applications such as Word and Excel e.g. an Excel spreadsheet could be used to hold contact details of companies to be contacted :


A Spindle ‘document type’ could be set up with an associated background layout e.g. letterhead :

Then, using the MS-Word mailings wizard, a letter set up that includes the CFG reference to the Spindle document and also the variable used to split up the document into separate letters (VAR1 in this case) and the Spindle EMAIL command followed by the email field from the spreadsheet inserted using the mailings wizard:

N.B. the same principle can be used to test the functioning of Spindle using notepad i.e. with the text containing a CFG command a split variable and email :

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