Using Spindle to print bar codes

Many of our customers have integrated the Spindle Professional system from Draycir into their Sage 200 system – to automatically distribute documents such as invoices, order acknowledgements and statements by e mail, fax and print using electronically held stationary layouts.

One feature which can be overlooked is the ability to print bar codes from Spindle onto the documents generated from Sage 200 e.g. a despatch note could be printed with bar codes for item number, quantity and DN number. These could then be scanned to confirm despatch within Sage 200 or used to update an external stock system.

Bar codes can also be used with the Spindle document capture system eg a signed despatch note is scanned and the bar code on it used to automatically file the document against the original sales order.

The bar codes are defined against the Spindle document operation :

A listing barcode will appear a variable number of times on the document e.g. a stock item number. These use the BC commands :

Fixed bar codes appear once on the document e.g. despatch note number :

The Bar Codes are set up within the Bar Code designer tab in Spindle :

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