Sage 200 Marketing Groups in CRM

Have you wanted to make more effective use of the data held within your Sage 200 accounts system without having to re-enter the information in to another package?  Have you wanted to email your clients with product "x" the details of product "y"?

Our June tip shows you how with Sage 200 CRM (7.2) you can easily create dynamic CRM groups.  These groups can then used for marketing campaigns within CRM.


The following screens illustrate how a group can be created to identify all companies, in this example that have bought infrared products between January and May 2014.

Select the tab Sage 200 Groups and click New Group.

Enter the name, in this example Infrared Sales and description.

From Group Columns select the Company and from the Filter Columns, Created Date, Quantity and Product Name.



In the Created Date select the time period you wish to use.  Quantity equal or more than 1.  Finally Product Name, in this case Infrared.

Then save the Group and use for marketing from CRM eg mailshots and e blasts.

When used in conjunction with Swiftpage the effectiveness of an email campaign will be enhanced.  Call lists can be produced automatically highlighting the hottest leads to follow up.