User blocking a stand-alone process

There are certain processes which need to be run stand-alone (eg month end), but after you have got everyone out of Sage, the system is still telling you that there is someone logged on. The first thing to check is the User Login Status (Accounting System Manager>System Utilities>User Login Status).

 The first screen is the Disconnected logins:




You should click on each of the entries in this list in turn and click Log off. If the user was in a critical process when they were logged out you may get the message, Run Balanced Ledgers, in which case you should run Accounting System Manager>System Utilities>Balance Ledgers when you have finished clearing this list.

Having cleared the list, click on the Users tab:



This shows you all your Sage 200 users and lets you know who is logged on. You cannot log off from this screen, you will need to contact them and ask them to log themselves off.

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