Disputed Purchase Invoices

If you receive an invoice against a purchase order which is either incorrect or needs validation, you have the option to return it and/or ask for more details.  Your Sage 200 system allows you to document that you have received the invoice without it posting to the purchase ledger.


Record the invoice against the purchase order in the normal way but click the Dispute Invoice button rather than the Post Invoice button (if it is greyed out please call our Sage support team to activate the facility if you are a client of Uniq Systems).

You will then be asked to choose a dispute reason code from the drop down list.  You can define this list which typically includes "Price", "Delivery", "Quality" etc.  You can also enter a comment for anyone else to see why the invoice hasn't been posted (eg not to be accepted until the full order is delivered).

A list of disputed invoices can be viewed by selecting:- Purchase Order Processing>Order Processing>Disputed Invoices.

From here you have options to accept and post the invoice, edit or delete it.  If the supplier has sent you a credit note you can also post the invoice and create a matching credit note.