What is user assistance?   In the past, user assistance in R & D was the creation of printed user guides and a help system that was accessed by pressing the F1 key.  Changes in technology and trends in usability now means that the user assistance specialists in R&D can work on anything that helps you get help in the product, whether that be the F1 help, movies, PDF guides and onscreen text.

With the move to Cloud, many of the improvements in user assistance are to provide help in a hosted environment. Hosting help on the internet, so that it can be updated immediately, is one of the best ways of providing help to you at point of need.


Improvements for 2013

The main focus for the next release is to the help system, however Sage is still working on improvements to onscreen text and to the PDFs for complex tasks such as deployment and installation. Highlights of the improvements include:

  • The Sage 200 Online Help will be provided in an HTML 5 format. This allows a better Search facility and an improved look and feel.
  • The Sage 200 help will be provided in a hosted environment. If you are connected to the internet, pressing F1 will access the online help system. Sage can update the help system immediately, meaning that you have the latest information at the press of a button.
  • Reorganisation of the help system’s table of contents.  The help contents have been reorganised to improve navigation and new links are being introduced to improve the ‘findability’ of information.
  • The Sage 200 CRM online help has been updated. The help system is more specific to Sage 200 CRM and has more information for those users.