Disconnected Logins

If a PC error has forced you out of (or caused you to crash out of ) Sage 200, it will usually result in a “Disconnected  Login”.  This may mean that you are prevented from login into Sage, or accessing certain areas, with a message implying that you are already logged on, or that you have an account, order etc. already open.


To clear these disconnected logins select:

Accounting System Manager>System Utilities> User Login Status.


The Users tab will show users who are currently logged in, although you can't log them out from here.

The Disconnect Logins tab can be used to clear disconnected logins. Select each in turn, and click the Log Off button and then click Yes on the warning message.  If you get a second message as below, you should run the Prove Balances after clearing all the Disconnect logins.

This process can take several minutes if you have a large number of disconnected logins, so I recommend that you clear these regularly, even if you haven’t noticed any secondary problems. 

You should clear these prior to running the Prove Balances.