Using the keyboard more and the mouse less in Sage200


If at any stage of your input process you wish to minimise the certain windows forms you are working on, you can do so without having to use your mouse.

Doing this allows you to perform faster input if you have regular repeat fields to fill in.

Users are often unaware of the ALT+ SPACEBAR and the menu it will invoke.

The following steps describe some of the advantages of using the software and using less mouse clicks and there is a Working Example given below.

Modal Windows Forms


*       This workaround applies anywhere in the software where you are in a form that is a “Modal Windows Form.” 

*       This is the form that is “on top of all the others and the title bar of the form is highlighted.” 

*       It is also defined as “the Form that has to be closed or hidden before you can continue working with the rest of the application.”


Displaying the Modal Windows Form Menu


*       You need to use the ALT+SPACEBAR keys which will invoke a dropdown menu of the Modal Form in which you are currently working.

*       You can then select the letter of your choice from the Modal Form Menu. This could be the letter ‘n’ meaning minimise. 

*       The form you were just using will then appear as a minimised form on the Status Bar at the bottom of your main desktop. 

*       You can have several forms shown on the Status Bar at the bottom of your main desktop.

*       Having done this, the focus is free and you can then use ALT+ Any Visible Shortcut Key of Your Choice.  E.g.  You could use ALT + F to invoke the File, Drop Down Menu.

*       You can then use the cursor arrows to move to an option on the File Menu or a further keyboard shortcut to jump to an option e.g. the letter ‘P’ would take you to the Spooler.

*       When finished with the Spooler, once again invoke the File, Drop Down Menu and choose the “Recently Used” option.  This will allow you to return to any of your minimised forms.


Working Example with “ SOP – Enter New Order – Full ”   and using the keyboard more to speed up input


1.       Use the mouse to open the form  “ SOP – Enter New Order – Full ”

2.       Use F4 as your shortcut key to invoke the list of customers and later on Stock Codes.

3.       Use TAB to move forwards and SHIFT+TAB to move backwards

4.       There are 3 tabs in front of you – these are the Customer – Order Details tab, Delivery & Invoicing tab, and Payment with Order  tab.

5.       To move between these tabs, use CTL + PageUp to go forwards and CTL + PageDown to move backwards.

6.       The ‘A’ to Add New Items, Use ‘C’ to Clear and ‘S’ to Save can be used instead of mouse clicks.

7.       At any point, when in the “ SOP – Enter New Order – Full ”  form, hold down the ALT+ SPACEBAR keys and the Modal Form Menu  will appear.

8.       Choose the letter ‘n’ representing Minimise. The “ SOP – Enter New Order form ” will minimise and the focus is now free.

9.       You can choose ALT+ File and the File Menu will be displayed.  You decide to choose Spooler because you want to see what has been printed before.

10.    Choose ALT +F to open the File Menu again and using your keyboard cursor arrows, move to the “ Recently Used ” option.

11.    Choose “ SOP –Enter New Order – Full ” and you are now return to work on your Sales Order.

12.    Or use ALT + File and leave the focus on the Menu Bar  and use the cursor arrow to move to the Windows Menu.

13.    Choose  “ Opened Forms