Using the Dashboard View

Useful as our previous “quick reporting” tip was (thank you to those that responded saying it was), it is limited in that there is only one line per item.  A couple of clients have subsequently asked is it possible to go to a more detailed level, such as in stock control when requiring to report at the warehouse level?  By using the Dashboard view the answer is yes.



Simply switch to the Dashboard view using the drop down on the top right hand side of the list view.  By using the drop down menu change from List View to Dashboard view.  If this is the first time that you have gone into the Dashboard view, the screen can appear very busy.  However you can minimise each section in turn.  They are shown as tabs at the bottom of the screen.

Using the example above, in the stock control Dashboard view, choose item balances.  You then have most of the functionality of the list view, including sorting and using a right click of the mouse, printing/exporting to Excel.