Sage 50 Payroll 2007 or v12 - You must manually check that your employees are paid at least the relevant minimum wage. To do this, simply open Enter Payments and check the hours and rates used for each employee.

Sage 50 Payroll 2008 and above - If you use the minimum wage check feature, you may need to update the national minimum wage legislation within your software. We've explained the two different methods of updating it below.


To update the legislation using online legislation updates


If you have an Internet connection, you can automatically update your legislation.


From the Tools menu, choose Check for legislation updates.


On the message that appears asking if you want to check for updates to the current legislation, to continue, click Yes.

A bar appears, displaying the progress of the check, then a message confirms whether or not legislation updates have been found. 


If a legislation update has been found and you want to apply the changes, click Yes and then on the confirmation message, click OK.

If no legislation updates have been found, click OK.

Tip: Once you have applied any legislation changes, we recommend that you check them. To do this, from the Company Tasks pane click Legislation then click the Minimum Wage tab. From the Minimum Wage effective from drop-down list, choose 01/10/2011 and ensure the minimum wage bandwidths appear as in the table in step 3 of the following section.


You have successfully checked for new legislation.


To update the legislation manually


If you don't have an Internet connection, or you want to update your legislation before the online update is available, you can manually update your legislation.


Note: The Sage 50 Payroll legislation settings are date sensitive, so you can enter these changes any time before 1 October 2011 and they will not take effect until you process your payroll on or after 1 October 2011.


From the navigation bar, click Company, then from the Tasks pane, click Legislation and then click the Minimum Wage tab.


To add the new set of legislation, click Add Date, then in the Add Bands and Rates window, enter 01/10/2011. You can also use the calendar button to choose this date, then click OK.

Tip: If the software does not let you enter 01/10/2011, check that your processing date is set within the 2011/2012 tax year.

If a message appears advising that you have entered a date that already exists, click OK then click Cancel and when prompted if you are sure you want to exit, click Yes. From the Minimum Wage effective from drop-down list, choose 01/10/2011 and ensure the minimum wage bandwidths appear as in the table below.

The minimum wage bandwidth information appears, displaying 01/10/2011 in the Minimum Wage effective from box.


Complete the bandwidth information as follows:


Age From

Age To

Hourly Rate
















In the Apprenticeship Rate box, enter £2.60.


To save the changes to the minimum wage bandwidths and return to the Sage 50 Payroll desktop, click OK.


You have successfully updated your minimum wage legislation settings.