Uniq Systems champions paperless office software to help customers beat Royal Mail price hikes

The Royal Mail announced on 8 November 2010 that the cost of stamps will increase in April 2011, by the highest percentage since first class postage began in 1968. The announcement followed a decision by the regulator, Postcomm, to allow the price of stamped mail services to be increased by 10% on average and by up to 13% on individual services.


Uniq Systems, is highlighting to customers the benefits of going paperless to avoid the price increases.

Graham Bayly, Uniq’s Managing Director, said:  “This increase has been justified by the Royal Mail as a necessary action, but is likely to have a huge impact on businesses already trying to stay solvent in a difficult economy.

“With the need to communicate with customers more relevant than ever, it is time for businesses to seize hold of the idea that technology can help beat the rising costs forced upon them by the postal service .The average cost to physically print and send an invoice is already £1 - that average is now going to go up. Businesses must take action if they want to decrease costs and save money.”

How can your business beat the price hike?

Uniq Systems recommends a number of ways to ensure your company is doing all it can to cut costs and improve efficiency.  The first of these being – go paperless.  Graham Bayly continues: “There is so much technology out there nowadays to help businesses speed up communications and guarantee delivery of documents, it seems a very outdated idea to still be relying on the postal service just to get an order confirmation or invoice to a customer.


“Companies shouldn’t be afraid to try paperless office software.”  For example, one recent Spindle Professional customer saved over £5,000 in reduced paper, printing and postage costs.  By sending invoices out electronically via Spindle Professional, businesses will typically reduce the time it takes to get paid and decrease their administrative costs.

Spindle Professional is an award-winning solution that has won the Paperless Office category at the annual Software Satisfaction Awards for two years running. Uniq Systems are recommending the solution to all of their clients to help beat the price increases.

To find out more about the benefits of going paperless, or to book a free online demonstration of Spindle Professional, call 0118 9272700