Reading IT Solutions provider, Uniq Systems, urges businesses to go paperless to beat postal strike.

With the UK experiencing one of the largest Post Office strikes in years, Uniq Systems is urging businesses to look at paperless alternatives to protect themselves and vital cash flow from the high cost and unreliability of the postal system.

With two 24 hour strikes and further disruption a strong possibility, many businesses are facing huge disruption to their deliveries, including delayed invoices and payments by cheque.


The resulting backlog of post is expected to further impact – particularly on those small businesses already experiencing late payment and cash flow woes.  In 2007, major strike action cost businesses in London an estimated £304 million and led to a backlog of 12 million letters and parcels across UK sorting offices.


“We’re not saying that small businesses should bypass the postal system altogether,” said Graham Bayly, Managing Director of Uniq Systems, “but shift away from being wholly reliant on it, especially for invoicing, making and receiving payments.


“Even without the current strike action, sending invoices out through the post can seriously delay the time it takes to get paid.  Going paperless and invoicing electronically means that businesses are no longer vulnerable to postal delays and can also save themselves thousands of pounds in reduced postal and printing costs.”


Spindle Professional, created by Draycir, is affordable and easy-to-use paperless office software that generates instant electronic invoicing and statements – eliminating the need to physically mail them out.

BACS payment of invoices by customers in receipt of electronic invoices also enables businesses to bypass the postal system entirely.  By using Spindle Professional in conjunction with Internet banking, businesses can function as normal from a finance and cash flow point of view, benefit from reduced postal and printing costs, and cut their carbon footprint.


Spindle Professional has received validation from HM Customs & Excise as an accredited form of electronic VAT invoicing. The approval of HM Customs & Excise means many thousands of businesses can now stop posting out unnecessary VAT invoices and simply e-mail or fax them using Spindle Professional instead.